InduSuite revolutionizes your shop's fabrication workflow with real-time insights across your entire fleet. It's the universal collection of welding and cutting software applications that connects data, machinery, and processes to optimize performance and unlock your shop's true potential.

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    COLUMBUS CAD/CAM software boosts cutting productivity by simplifying programming, enhancing part quality, and optimizing material use. It seamlessly integrates with ESAB cutting systems, covering various methods such as plasma, oxy-fuel, laser, more!
    graphic representation of Columbus software screen
  • CutCloud

    Boost cutting productivity with CutCloud—an innovative web app for managers. Monitor operations, import jobs from ERP, and ensure security by seamlessly collecting data from ESAB cutting equipment to the cloud.
    graphic representation of CutCloud software
  • EasyNest Online

    EasyNest Online makes it easy to program standard cutting machines. It automates nesting to use materials efficiently and optimize cuts. Plus, it lets you do nesting without needing a CAD/CAM system installation or maintenance.
    graphic representation of EasyNest software

    Revolutionize your productivity with OCTOPUZ Offline Robot Programming (OLRP). Create a digital twin, optimize robot motions, simulate welding programs, and export ready-to-use robot-specific code for immediate production.
    graphic representation of OCTOPUZ software
  • WeldCloud Assembly

    Simplify welding traceability with WeldCloud Assembly. This software helps you organize projects, sync real-time data, and recieve instant alerts for quality assurance. Simplify operations and enhance weld tracking with this innovative software.
    graphic representation of WeldCloud Assembly software
  • WeldCloud Fleet

    Optimize fleet management with the Fleet app. Track equipment status, collect health data via the cloud, and control key parameters. Accessible from any device, monitor and manage your welding equipment fleet for enhanced safety and reliability.
    graphic representation of WeldCloud Fleet software
  • WeldCloud Notes

    Boost efficiency from day one. Simplify welding documentation with the Notes app. Generate WPS, track qualifications, and document welds effortlessly. Access production records on a dashboard and compile them into a PDF.
    graphic representation of WeldCloud Notes software
  • WeldCloud Productivity

    Boost your welding productivity with the WeldCloud Productivity app. Designed for managers, it tracks important metrics like arc-on time and consumption rates. Easily access data from your devices through the cloud.
    graphic representation of InduSuite WeldCloud Productivity software
  • Universal Connector

    Link your welding power sources to WeldCloud effortlessly with the InduSuite Universal Connector. This versatile connector ensures seamless integration regardless of your equipment's make or model. Streamline your welding operations we ease.
    InduSuite Universal Connector