Offline Robot Programming Software

InduSuite's robot programming solutions revolutionize offline robot programming, simplifying manufacturing processes. Imagine effortlessly programming intricate robot applications, eliminating the need for on-site experts and reducing disruptions to production. Our tools ensure consistent programming, error-free operations, and optimized robot programs, enhancing efficiency and productivity.


With a focus on user-friendly experiences, Indusuite empowers industries to achieve operational excellence. Whether you're programming multiple systems simultaneously or ensuring production readiness through realistic simulations, our solutions pave the way for a new era of efficiency in welding, fabrication, and robotics.

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    Revolutionize your productivity with OCTOPUZ Offline Robot Programming (OLRP). Create a digital twin, optimize robot motions, simulate welding programs, and export ready-to-use robot-specific code for immediate production.
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"With OCTOPUZ we are down to half a day to a day for an acceptable first off. We have essentially cut the initial programming time in half."

- Aaron DeJong, Accumetal Manufacturing Inc.

Programming to put you eight steps ahead. Remove the traditional limitations of robot automation with OLRP.

What are the benefits of offline robot programming software?

Efficient Motion Programming

Enhance operational efficiency by concurrently programming multiple robots, accommodating various brands in distinct configurations. Simplify intricate weld programming with intuitive tools, precision-enhancing corrections, and touch sensing routines. Automate error identification to guarantee the swift development of production-ready programs, optimizing your workflow seamlessly.

Effortless Project Setup

Kickstart your projects swiftly by setting up a digital twin using robot cell templates and loading CAD parts directly. Dive into programming right away with a stress-free environment setup, effortlessly positioning components for your upcoming project.





Realistic Simulation Validation 

Confirm the accuracy of your welding programs with realistic simulations in your digital twin. Guarantee readiness for production by simulating project playback, providing flexible options for efficient program optimization.







Seamless Production Integration

Export production-ready robot-specific code effortlessly from the verified virtual world.
Simplify the transition to real-world production, ensuring a smooth integration of programmed solutions into your production processes.





Transform Workflows Into Calculated Savings

Unlock measurable savings with OCTOPUZ as it translates improved workflows into tangible results. This comprehensive Offline Robot Programming (OLRP) solution streamlines programming, halves downtime, prevents errors through simulation, and accelerates training. OCTOPUZ offers the freedom of brand-agnostic coding and seamlessly integrates with other InduSuite products, providing a complete ecosystem for digital welding, cutting, and robotics solutions.


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