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WeldCloud Fleet

Manage your entire fleet from any location with cloud-based job control, service logs, and performance insight.
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Optimize your
fleet management

Designed for fleet owners and service managers, the Fleet app tracks the status and health of your connected equipment while giving you the ability to configure and control key system parameters.

  • Collect machine events and health status from your power sources through the cloud
  • Access the cloud application from any device with a web browser
  • Monitor and control the health and settings of your fleet of welding equipment in the app
  • Maintain high safety and reliability with this state-of-the-art cloud platform

Product highlights

  • Operator management

    Manage your operator permission across your fleet of welding equipment

  • Instant notifications

    Get notified immediately when health issues occur in your fleet through email, SMS, or in-app alerts.

  • Service log

    Plan, document, and receive reminders about service, maintenance, and calibration activities.

  • Welding project management.

    Manage preset welding jobs across all your connected equipment.

  • Remote software upgrades

    Upgrade the software on your fleet of welding equipment through over-the-air updates

More details

Collect machine events, health and status parameters, and arc time from your power sources through the cloud.


Monitor the health of your power sources by connecting to the WeldCloud platform via Wi-Fi or ethernet cable. If you’re not using an ESAB WeldCloud-native device,*  opt for the Universal Connector that enables almost any* MIG/MAG or TIG power source to be connected to WeldCloud.

Fleet monitoring from anywhere

View and analyze your fleet health in real time with the Fleet app – all you need is a device and a web browser. Plus, since we ensure that Fleet’s software is always up to date with the latest technology and security features, you can focus on your operation without having to worry about updating it yourself.

Track and control the health and settings of your fleet

With WeldCloud Fleet, you’ll have more uptime with the necessary tools to monitor the health of your welding fleet and arc time per machine – including a service log to maintain and keep your systems up to date. You can even control key system parameters such as operator permissions and welding jobs from anywhere, at all times.

Maintain high safety and reliability with a state-of-the-art cloud platform

Manage your operation with confidence knowing that WeldCloud offers supreme reliability and security since it is built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud-computing platform. Issues like wireless connection disruptions? No problem for WeldCloud – the devices continues to save data for up to one week and will restore when connection is re-established. Plus, all your data is backed up and password protected so you have complete control over access and permissions within your organization.

Documents & requirements

Hardware required
Warrior Edge, Aristo Edge, ESAB Aristo 500ix, 4004 or 5000 power source, or PEK controller with WeldCloud gateway. The gateway can also be added as a retrofit to these systems.
Network requirement
Internet access to device through Ethernet cable or via 802.11n WiFi.
Device for accessing application
Any device with internet access, an up-to-date web browser and preferably at least 8-inch screen size.
Device to use for setup and system configuration
Any device with Android 8.0 Oreo or newer.