Cutting Software

InduSuite's cutting software solutions ensure real-time responsiveness to plant floor activities while utilizing minimal computing resources, ensuring uninterrupted operation without the need for ongoing maintenance. The software includes advanced production and quality reporting, swift data recording and transfer, reporting, and scalable functionality—all contributing to effective real-time monitoring.


CutCloud is a user-friendly webserver application seamlessly merging Columbus™ CAD/CAM nesting and ESAB cutting machine production data. It offers easy installation and maintenance, accessible on any web-enabled device, thereby reducing IT hardware costs. Utilizing Microsoft Azure IoT, it supports various architectures and enables real-time import and visualization of machine data. With web-based reporting, CutCloud provides instantaneous updates on production and quality, enhancing overall performance. 

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  • CutCloud

    Boost cutting productivity with CutCloud—an innovative web app for managers. Monitor operations, import jobs from ERP, and ensure security by seamlessly collecting data from ESAB cutting equipment to the cloud.
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Record, measure, and control your cutting operations with real time data monitoring. 

This valuable capability offers the insights necessary to boost performance and achieve unmatched efficiency in your operations.

What are the benefits of cutting software?

Streamline Data Collection


Easily transfer cutting and material traceability data from your ESAB cutting equipment to the cloud using the CutCloud gateway, which seamlessly connects to ESAB cutting machines with ANC55, T5, or T6 CNC, providing real-time access on a standard PC.







Seamless Workflow Solutions


Combine CutCloud with our Columbus CAD/CAM solution for a seamless workflow—from receiving a part order through programming, material and production planning, cutting operations, to post-processing activities.







Full Traceability


Access and analyze your cutting operations data in real time from any device with a web browser. CutCloud ensures that your application is consistently updated, allowing you to concentrate on your operations without interruption.








Safety and Reliability Assurance


Operate with confidence using CutCloud, built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud-computing platform. Enjoy supreme reliability and security, even in the face of wireless disruptions—CutCloud saves data for up to one week and restores it upon reconnection. Your data is securely backed up and password-protected, giving you complete control over access and permissions within your organization.

Supercharge Your Cutting Productivity

Transform your cutting productivity with the CutCloud web application, a tailored solution for cutting operations managers. Empower yourself with real-time control, enabling seamless monitoring, precise control, and in-depth analysis of cutting operations, all accessible from anywhere.


From torch to software, ESAB and InduSuite software solutions simplify and unify your entire cutting operation resulting in one seamlessly integrated system.