Nesting Software

InduSuite nesting software is purpose-built for precision and efficiency in cutting operations. Compatible with various cutting systems, such as plasma, oxy-fuel, laser, and waterjet technologies, this software offers automated batch order nesting for multi-machine use, reducing manual efforts and optimizing production. Our nesting system ensures safety by automatically identifying parts prone to tilting, preventing costly torch collisions.


Our data-driven approach guarantees accuracy in production calculations, and our user-friendly interface, influenced by customer feedback, streamlines the user experience. With Indusuite's nesting software, you have a reliable tool that maximizes your cut optimization while enhancing workflow efficiency and welding procedures.

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    COLUMBUS CAD/CAM software boosts cutting productivity by simplifying programming, enhancing part quality, and optimizing material use. It seamlessly integrates with ESAB cutting systems, covering various methods such as plasma, oxy-fuel, laser, more!
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  • EasyNest Online

    EasyNest Online makes it easy to program standard cutting machines. It automates nesting to use materials efficiently and optimize cuts. Plus, it lets you do nesting without needing a CAD/CAM system installation or maintenance.
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Save time by adopting a fully automated solution for nesting.

In practice, this means shorter production lead times, which is especially great in the times of large projects and tight schedules.

What are the benefits of nesting software?

Optimize Material Usage


Nesting software strategically organizes components on a material sheet to minimize waste and maximize material utilization, resulting in cost-effective production with reduced material consumption.




Workflow Productivity


Nesting software enhances production efficiency by automating part arrangement, streamlining nesting processes, and eliminating manual placement. This automation saves time, accelerates nesting operations, and boosts overall productivity.

Enhance Cutting Paths


Nesting software assesses part geometry and produces optimized cutting routes. This efficient part arrangement minimizes tool travel distance, reducing cutting time and maximizing machine utilization.




Precision and Quality


Nesting software guarantees accurate part placement on the material sheet, minimizing the likelihood of errors and enhancing both part quality and precision. This is of paramount importance in industries like aerospace and automotive manufacturing, where precision is paramount.

Nesting Software and Fabrication Extension

InduSuite's EasyNest Online and Columbus CAD/CAM software are a dynamic duo, providing a robust solution for welding management. These tools excel in optimizing material utilization and cutting processes through advanced algorithms and simulation welding capabilities. 


Our nesting systems allow users to customize welding and fabrication processes for greater efficiency, reduced waste, and streamlined operations.


Leverage this extension to enhance welding management efficiency and productivity in your fabrication workflows.