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Analyze and improve your cutting operations from anywhere with real time data. Manage cutting jobs, track quality and analyze your productivity.
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Supercharge your
cutting productivity

Take real-time control over your cutting operation with the CutCloud web application designed for cutting operations managers. It provides the ability to monitor, control and analyze productivity and quality of the cutting operations from anywhere.

  • Collect cutting data and material information from your ESAB cutting equipment to the cloud
  • Access the cloud application from any device with a web browser
  • Import and configure cutting jobs, process orders from ERP and monitor operations from anywhere
  • Maintain high security and reliability with this state-of-the-art cloud platform

Product highlights

  • Easy to use dashboards

    Instant overview of your cutting productivity with intuitive dashboard

  • Powerful analytics

    Powerful, easy to use report and analytics capabilities allowing you to fully understand your productivity bottlenecks

  • Predictive maintenance

    Let the system notify you of when maintenance should be done to minimize downtime, maintain cut cuality and performance

  • Full traceability

    Get full traceability of each part by recording actual material usage and production data fully automted

  • Accurate cost estimation

    Calculate the best price for your customers in your ERP and maximize your revenue by leveraging the power of true process and machine data collected by CutCloud

More details

Collect cutting and material traceability data from your ESAB cutting equipment to the cloud

Gather all available machine and production data from your ESAB cutting machines via a CutCloud gateway and access it in real-time. The gateway is easily installed on a standard PC and connected to all ESAB cutting machines with an ANC55, T5 or T6 CNC.

If you have more specific integration needs, our CutCloud Automation team can support you with creating a tailored solution. We have extensive experience from interfacing with all parts of the production systems landscape such as ERPs, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Material Handling Systems and Stock Management Systems.

Access the cloud application from any device with a web browser

View and analyze your cutting operations data in real time from anywhere with the CutCloud application – all you need is a device with a web browser. Plus, we make sure to keep the application up to date so you can focus on your operations.

Import and configure cutting jobs, process cut orders and monitor operations from anywhere

Use CutCloud to monitor and analyze your complete cutting workflow regardless of size of operations. Get instant insight into current cutting jobs, machine performance and health, cut quality and traceability data.

Combine CutCloud with our Columbus CAD/CAM solution for a seamless workflow from receiving a part order, via programming, material and production planning, cutting operation and post processing activities.

Maintain high safety and reliability with this state-of-the-art cloud platform

Manage your operation with confidence knowing that CutCloud offers supreme reliability and security since it is built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud-computing platform. Issues like wireless connection disruptions? No problem for CutCloud – the devices continues to save data for up to one week and will restore when connection is re-established. Plus, all your data is backed up and password protected so you have complete control over access and permissions within your organization.

Documents & requirements

CutCloud native devices
All ESAB cutting machines with ANC55, T5 or T6 CNC with CutCloud gateway. The gateway can also be added as a retrofit to these systems.
Device to use for gateway software
Standard PC hardware or dedicated server running Windows operating system.
Network requirement for gateway device
Internet access through Ethernet cable or via WiFi.
Device for accessing application
Any device with internet access, an up-to-date web browser and preferably at least 8-inch screen size.